BHPC Occasionally Audits Members

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Botswana Health Professionals Council (BHPC) occasionally audits its registrants and the last one was conducted in 2012 related to medical specialists.

Answering a question in Parliament, the Assistant Minister of Health, Dr Alfred Madigele said the exercise was carried out to ensure that specialists’ registration was consistent with the Registration Matrix adopted by the council.

The matrix was developed with a view of standardising specialists’ registration according to international best practices.

Dr Madigele said the audit results revealed that there were some irregularities with some of the locals and expatriate registrants and recommendations had been made for those who did not meet the requirements.

The assistant minister said there was no discrimination in granting health professionals, nurses and doctors licenses to open private clinics. Health professionals and nursing and midwives were regulated under separate laws being the Botswana Health Professionals Act and the Nurses and Midwives Act respectively.

Dr Madigele said the Nurses and Midwives Act did not have a provision for granting private practice to nurses and midwives. He said it was crucial that independent private practices and clinics were regulated under the law to protect the public, safeguard patient’s safety and quality of services.

Shashe West MP Mr Fidelis Molao had asked the Minister of Health whether there had been any audit by BHPC on the qualifications of both expatriates and Batswana doctors currently working locally both in the private sector and government. He wanted to know what the audit revealed and action taken to remedy the situation.

The MP also wanted to know why nurses were not allowed to open private clinics in Botswana in the same way doctors did and whether that did not amount to discrimination.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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