Billy Urges Residents to Work With Police

| January 23, 2015

Francistown East MP, Mr Buti Billy has appealed to the residents of Donga to work with the police to revive crime prevention structures.

Addressing a kgotla meeting Mr Billy said through the kgotla meetings he addressed in his constituency, he established that there was an increase in crime incidents.

He reminded the residents that crime prevention was not the responsibility of the police alone and should therefore partner with the police to fight crime in their area. Mr Billy informed them that he planned a courtesy call on the Police Divisional Commander and that will accord him an opportunity to find out what happened to the engagement of police volunteers in Donga.

On other issues, he informed the residents that in the previous session of parliament, he asked 10 questions on various issues. He explained that some the questions were prompted by his realisation that there was a problem of shortage of accommodation for public servants.

Furthermore, he cited that through the questions, he found out that the Self Help Housing Agency (SHHA) scheme for public officers on salary scales D4 and below will be implemented during the 201516 financial year.

Mr Billy expressed hope that the officers will utilise the scheme to build and improve their houses.

He further said in one of the answers to his questions, he established that out of the 181 Botswana Housing Corporation (BHC) houses that are unoccupied in Gerald Estate, 154 of them are not habitable because of defects.

The MP noted that public officers’ accommodation was one of the issues that worry him because without proper accommodation, officers could not provide quality service.

He thanked the residents for electing him during the October 24 general elections and assured them that he will work with them during his tenure as the area MP.

Earlier on, the Ward Development Committee (WDC) chairperson, Mr Odirile Ngenda urged the residents to pay their service levy and rates accounts. He said the council was owed P43 million for service levy and rates and noted that failure to pay by the residents will deny the residents some developments.

He complained about the Water Utilities Corporation’s (WUC) failure to attend to blocked drains and also implored the residents to desist from flushing objects that block the drain. He also complained that the Donga clinic was not operating satisfactorily and residents still have to travel to Somerset, leaving a clinic in the neighbourhood.

In his welcome remarks, Donga court president, Kgosi Harmony Moyo complained about failure by residents to attend kgotla meetings.He also noted that there is increasing crime in the area and appealed to residents to refrain from employing and harbouring illegal immigrants.

One of the residents, Mr Joel Nchenje complained about the delay in getting constituency competitions prize money. Mr Shingani Matebu called on the Department of Broadcasting Services (DBS) to consider broadcasting live feeds of parliament sessions.

He also complained about lack of communication by WUC and Botswana Power Corporation (BPC), especially when there is interruption of services.Mr Prince Aron noted that the golf course in the area contributed to crime and he appealed to the owners of the course to develop it.

Mr Galisani Nlumbile thanked government for Tirelo Sechaba programme but complained of delays in paying participants allowances and that they are very low yet they were not allowed to engage in other income generating activities while in the programme.

In response, the District Officer Development (DOD), Mr Boyce Mangole explained that constituency prize money came late because in some instances, groupsteams send people who were not appointed and in some instances teams’ conflicts led to delays in their payments.

He explained that in Francistown Vision 2022, it was planned that the golf course will be leased to investors who could also create employment opportunities.Mr Billy explained that the Btv parliamentary live feed is one of the issues that one of the parliamentary committees is working on.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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