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| September 2, 2015

Bk Proctor has jumped the wagon to up-tempo dance beats and this time on a collaboration with Gentle, an Afro pop musician. This was after years of producing ‘the-listen-to-me’ songs.

Bk said a Nigerian businessman named Diddy loved his music.Diddy then let him on Gentle’s music as well and Bk loved what he heard.

“I loved what I heard and I instantly called him and we started talking,” said Bk.

After conceptualising on the song, Bk as a producer, worked on the beat with the help of his Zambian producer friend and then sent the beats to Gentle who was impressed by the rhythms.

“Bk is one of the talented artists from Botswana and it is a pleasure to be working with him,” stated Gentle in an interview.

Gentle, who started his music career in his teen years playing drums in church choir, said the experience was overwhelming as he discovered that Bk was “very good.” Having worked with many international artists, the Nigerian award winning artist said he was certain his relationship with Bk would be more thrilling and rewarding.

“You cannot compare Bk with whoever I worked with in the past, he is good,” gushed Gentle over Bk’s immensely musical talent.

To Bk, this was a new experiment for him as there were different identities involved in terms of both culture and sound. But as a versatile producer, he managed to merge the two identities and came up with a beat that was comfortable for both of them.

“I did not want neither of us to loose their identity and what we represent in our music, so I managed to merge our styles and produced one banging style,” retorted Bk.

Gentle said he was working on taking the Basement Records lad to Nigeria so that he could get the exposure he deserved to grow his brand and his craft. With improved recording studios and music standards that Batswana musos invested in of late, one could safely say the world stage should be ready for Botswana.

And with Nigerian collaborations, the sky wass surely the limit for creative folks.

The song Bum Bum is not an explicit track but an appreciative musical for full figured African women who are often marginalised in so many levels especially in the showbiz world.

Gentle also features Bk in his upcoming album on a song titled One Day which is a hip hop tempo beat. Bum Bum will be available on radio waves after the video release which is scheduled to be shot in Nigeria and Botswana.

Source : BOPA

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