Blood Donor Campaign Unsuccessful

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The three-day blood donor campaign held in three different areas in Francistown has not borne fruit.

In an interview on November 28, the chairperson of Blood Donor Association-North, Ms Kefilwe Bojong said they also failed to host the Thursday poetry night show because poets did not turn up.

Ms Bojong stated that the idea of dividing the campaign into three sections being debating, poetry night and the main event with artist performing live was because young people would be much informed.

She said they need blood to save people’s lives during delivery and road accidents and they thought young people would be able to donate in large numbers. Ms Bojong said the debating topics were to sensitise young people, particularly those who had little knowledge about HIV.

In addition, she said HIV prevention interventions were needed on sex and HIV education to out-of-school young people, who have been identified as an area of need.

Ms Bojong further said knowing facts about safe sex could prevent them from acquiring HIV and could reduce new annual infections among the community and in particular young people.

She said as the association, they aertised their campaign through their Facebook page, DailyNews and RB1 and implored Batswana to take action and save the nation by 2016.

Mr Thato Mazhani, one of the organising members admitted that the location, the old Francistown Stadium, which is far from malls and shops might have led to the poor attendance.

Mr Mazhani said they have learnt from their mistake and next time they would try by all means to choose a consolidated place to achieve their goals.

One of the few donors, Mr Lesley Phefo said that since 1993, he has never stopped donating, adding that at first he did it to get free drinks and biscuits.

But, once he realised the importance of donating blood, he has continued to save people’s lives by donating blood.

He encouraged many people to donate blood, noting that anybody can donate blood as long as they are healthy.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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