BMC had 30 secret bank accounts controlled by anonymous persons

| April 29, 2013

It has emerged that secrecy in the Botswana Meat Commission (BMC) has played much role in the downfall of the country’s only meat commission. Latest information coming from the Parliamentary Select Committee investigating the commission is that BMC had several bank accounts in and outside the country that were controlled by unknown persons as the then Chief Accountant was clueless about the said accounts.

Lawrence Wright, the former BMC Chief Accountant’s duty was to oversee all the commission’s bank accounts and advice the management on the financial state of the company but he told the committee that he only knew 15 bank accounts in Botswana and South Africa which he had control over. To his surprise, the chairperson of the committee Mephato Reatile told Wright that information supplied to the committee through board minutes revealed that BMC had 19 bank accounts locally and 21 offshore a revelation that shocked Wright as he wondered who and how the accounts were created and managed without his knowledge.

This is not the first former BMC employee who had no idea as to the number of accounts owned by the parastatal. Former Internal Auditor Donald Ndlovu only knew of three accounts in Botswana and two outside. The committee expressed worry that if there were so many hidden bank accounts that the chief accountant did not know about then it must have been easy for funds to be embezzled at BMC. Wright blamed the management at BMC for poor management style. “The poor management style literally brought the fall of the BMC as managers there never took advice from department leaders. I once suggested that we be allowed to attack officers at the UK office to see what goes on there and who controls what but management refused. I feel that the UK had too much powers,” Wright said. 

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