BMC Success Story of Africa – De Graaf

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Minister of Agriculture, Mr Christiaan De Graaff has maintained his stance that Botswana Meat Commission (BMC) is a success story of Africa as the country continues to comply with the lucrative market standards.

Addressing the media in Gaborone on December 9, the minister said Botswana had put in place a zoning system, traceable systems and had all the cattle holdings registered.

Minister De Graaff stated that by end of November this year, BMC had already slaughtered a total of 136 376 cattle with Lobatse leading and that had seen BMC’s turnover of over P1 billion this year.

He said in 2015, BMC would increase its exports to the large Hong Kong market and would also increase volumes of beef to the Middle East. Mr De Graaff further stated that increasing volumes from Maun abattoir would find their way to Mozambique and East Africa markets.

“We also remain confident that the Angolan market will open up for Maun products and that transit permission from Namibia will be given.”

The minister stated that crop production for 20132014 currently stands at more than 220 000 metric tonnes (mt) of which more than 125 000 mt is cereals as compared to a total production of 64,980 mt and 33,755 mt of cereals for 201213.

He said during the 201314 season, a total of 417 000 hectares was planted by over 127 000 farmers, which represents a 113 per cent increase of area planted compared to 201213. He stated that in a bid to grow the horticulture sector, they had restricted horticulture imports as part of the strategy to facilitate farmers’ access to the market.

Therefore, he urged farmers to produce goods of quality so that they stay competitive in the market.

Mr De Graaff noted that since the inception of LIMID phase II in 2010 to 2014, a total of 14 736 applications were approved and 10 697 packages which included small stock, Tswana chickens, animal husbandry, borehole drilling among others at a cost of P155 million.

He stated that as part of the implementation of the dairy strategy, government had decided to procure 1000 straws of dairy cattle sexed semen of various breeds to address the issue of unavailability of dairy cattle.

The minister stated that for the 201415 breeding season 4 712 cows have been entered in to 12 artificial insemination camps across the country.

He said although the Foot and Mouth Disease had been successfully controlled, risk based vaccination with purified vaccine would continue to be done in view of the disease situation in the neighbouring countries.

Mr De Graaff said as part of the long term strategy for the FMD control the ministry had embarked on establishment of a protection zone separating the green zones from the Northern FMD prone areas.

The minister further stated that the ministry had embarked on intensive campaign to ear tag bloused cattle in the EU beef catchment area. “So far a total of 1 466 million animals of the targeted 2 200 million cattle have been ear tagged in the ongoing first stage of the project,” he said.

He said following the declaration on drought this year, the government announced some relief measures to mitigate the drought effects which include subsidies like drought pellets, coarse salt, botulism vaccine, molasses that would cost P30 million.

Mr De Graaff said Botswana Vaccine Institute (BVI) continuesd to explore new markets for its products in order to remain sustainable and profitable to exploit its new FMD laboratory launched in 2010.

He stated that BVI registered the initial FMD vaccine sales in Cameroon when they procured vaccines in January and October.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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