Bofa Brings Together Ostrich Farmers

| January 19, 2015

Botswana Ostrich Farmers Association (BOFA) will host a three day workshop for Leadership and Business Development from January 19 to 21 at the Cooperatives Training Centre in Sebele.

The workshop that will be supported by University of Botswana’s department of Management will bring together stakeholder including Ministry of Agriculture, ostrich farmers and aspiring farmers to discuss ways on how to stimulate the ostrich industry in Botswana.

According to a press release from BOFA, the Leadership and Business Development workshop is aimed at building capacity of ostrich farmers and those interested in the industry to enhance delivery on the association’s mandate.

It says the workshop has been designed to back up the various activities carried out as part of the effort BOFA is undertaking in its development process.

The purpose of the workshop is also to equip the BOFA members and potential farmers with necessary skills for leadership and inculcate in them business acumen.

It is also to motivate members to support the role of the association in the industry and aance its objectives.

Furthermore, it says although ostriches are prevalent to the local environment with Botswana being habitat to the world’s largest population of the bird,the country is behind regional producers and exotic producers such as China, Europe and America.

The association has established that Batswana need to resuscitate the ostrich industry to compliment government in its Economic Diversification Drive (EDD), Poverty Eradication Strategy (PES) among other interventions.

BOFA as a potential key player in the ostrich industry in Botswana has positioned itself to be a catalyst in the development of the industry as a whole, it says.

Source : Botswana Ostrich Farmers Association

Source : Botswana Daily News

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