Boseto Mine Set to Resume Operations

Plans are underway for BOSETO Mine to re-start operations after the takeover of Khoemacau Copper Mining, says the operation manager, Mr Stewart Wallace.

Briefing the Ngamiland District leadership about the new developments at the mine, which was shut down recently, he said operations would start in the next two- to three years.

BOSETO, a copper and nickel mine, is situated at Toteng which is 70 km from Maun in the Ngamiland district.

The mine was shut down early this year after going through provision liquidation with 800 employees losing their jobs.

Mr Wallace said Khoemacau Copper Mining had now bought the BOSETO mine.

Since the beginning of July, he said some employees who had been managing the existing assets at BOSETO had been absorbed.

He said, this time the mine would be underground to get the mine running and believed that they would remain competitive even if the copper prices go down.

He said underground mining was not costly as compared to open pit or surface mining and hoped that the new management would be able to reduce expenses.

Mr Wallace also said there was no guarantee that former employees would be automatically absorbed, noting that they stand a better chance during the recruitment period.

“The DML mine has been closed and now the new mine is taking over. If they recruit, I believe former employees would have an advantage but currently I could not assure you that they would be hired,” he said, responding to some comments from leaders who wanted to know what would happen to the employees who had lost their jobs.

Some leaders also wanted to understand if the new management had done a feasibility study to find out if there was a steady market for copper, but Mr Wallace told them that the market was unpredictable and assured them that since they do underground mining, they would remain competitive.

He said their aim was to produce quality copper, noting that currently the product was 40 percent.

He also revealed that issues of electricity, fuel and transportation which were a burden to BOSETO mine had been taken into consideration and, “we believe we would manage to reduce the cost of our product”.

Earlier on, Mr Wallace briefed the leadership about the history of BOSETO Mine, which he said the name is made of villages adjacent to the mine namely Bothatogo, Bodibeng, Sehithwa and Toteng.

He said the mine was issued with a licence in 2010 to operate, and in 2012 they started an open pit mining and started operating a processing plant.

He said they managed to produce 47 864 tonnes of copper.

In addition, he said because of the market value, the prices did not favour them; hence the collapse of the mine which later went through provisional liquidation.

Source : BOPA