Botswana: Adult Education Aids Passionate Baker

| April 1, 2016

Passion, zeal and empowerment are the best recipes for success.This is the phrase that best describes Ms Ipelegeng Motang who is now a bread guru, thanks to the Adult Education programme which has empowered her to become the best in baking.

Ms Motang, who is a cook at Jwaneng Technical College, is known amongst students for her delicious types of biscuits, bread, scones and cakes. They trust her hand in cooking the school meals as well as separately mixing flour, eggs, milk, syrup, margarine and other ingredients to produce tasty, mouth-watering and delicious pieces of bread during her spare time.

When she applied to learn how to read and write at Non-formal education in 2011, little did she know that her passion for baking will bring her second income. She has been baking for the past four years and has won different competitions.

"I have been position one in Digawana, went to Lobatse where I scooped the same position which led me to Kasane to represent the Southern District in cake making and bakery," she explained. Ms Motang who will also be heading to Gaborone to participate at the National competition for Non-formal education graduates this year.

Trading by the name Biscuit Guru, she alluded her success to Non-formal education for empowering her with baking and pastry skills through training at Kanye in 2011, adding that she is now able to read and write as well as measure the right ingredients for baking.

Though she self funded her business, the 49 year old from Nkange is optimistic that her business will uplift her life if she can find a place to operate from. She is willing to seek assistance from the poverty eradication programme to boost her business which will ultimately employ other people especially the youth.

She revealed that her passion for baking began at home where she used to bake with her sister and children and the empowerment from Non-formal education became handy to sharpen her skills. Ms Motang currently enjoys the market from Jwaneng Technical College students and staff and the Jwaneng community who often place orders for biscuits, cakes and scones.

She sometimes make packages of biscuits and sells them in bulk to potential customers. Blossoming as it may seem, Ms Motang's business is not free of challenges. She said lack of operational space has been a hindrance for her to retire from her job so that she can start a fully-fledged bakery.

Ms Motang believes that there is power in every woman and she urged all the women to use their hands to make a living. "The government has availed many programmes that aim at uplifting the lives of Batswana and women can turn to those programmes for assistance in order to feed their families", she added.

Source: All Africa

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