Botswana Among Least Risky Countries

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Leading international risk management firm Aon Plc has confirmed Botswana as one of the world’s safest destinations for tourism, business and investment, Botswana Government Communications and Information Services (BGCIS) reported on December 24.

BGCIS said AON’s 2014 Terrorism and Political Risk Maps, with respect to Terrorism Risk Map, have put Botswana along with Namibia among 20 jurisdictions worldwide that ranked in category 1 for “negligible risk” in terms of the potential for acts of terrorism and civil unrest.

The other category 1 countries were Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greenland, Iceland, Ireland, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Norway, Surinam, Sweden, Switzerland, Uruguay and Vanuatu.

“Botswana and Namibia’s high global rankings come despite the fact that Africa as a whole, along with the Middle East, was rated as the world’s most unstable regions,” BGCIS deputy permanent secretary, Dr Jeff Ramsey observed.

Mr Ramsey added that Botswana and Mauritius were only two countries in Africa appearing in the Political Risk Maps medium to low risk category.

“The AON Political Risk Map measures commercial governance issues such as security of exchange transfers, legal and regulatory risk, political interference, sovereign non-payment and supply chain developments for countries outside of the OECD club of high income industrial economies,” Mr Ramsey explained.

He said businesses often use AON risk mapping in assessing whether or not to invest in a country.

Source : BGCIS

Source : Botswana Daily News

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