Botswana: Anglican Donates to Bornus

| July 14, 2016

St Simon of Cyrene Anglican Church on Tuesday donated 50 pairs of pre-school uniforms to Botswana Retired Nurses Association (BORNUS) nursery.

The church's Mothers Union chairperson Ms Keitumetse Kesetse said the donation to the pre-school children was conceived out of love.

She said they wanted to create conducive social environment for the children and inspire them despite their circumstances. Ms Kesetse said they have realised that some of the pre-school children at BORNUS centre came from disadvantaged families and there was need to offer assistance.

BORNUS centre director Ms Mavis Kewakae said the donation was needful for the centre as they dealt with children from poor families.

Ms Kewakae applauded St Simon of Cyrene Anglican Church women for their gesture and added that it was important to give to the less privileged society members.

In addition, Mr Kewakae pointed out that they were battling with stigma that is attached to the centre.

She said BORNUS is highly regarded as a centre for people affected by HIV/AIDS but noted that they provide social support for all the disadvantaged including those affected HIV/AIDS virus, TB and drug abuse among others.

An official from the Department of Gender Affairs, Ms Vuyelwa Segokgo also applauded the Mothers Union for their gesture.

Ms Segokgo encouraged other members of the community to give to the less privileged and disadvantaged.

"Your life should be a solution to the lives of other people," said Ms Segokgo.

She added that people should look for the disadvantaged in their surroundings and offer a helping hand. She said people should not live lavishly while their neighbours were struggling to make ends meet.

Ms Segokgo also said poor people need the support of the community as they often struggle with shelter, better healthcare, cloths and food provision.

Furthermore, she said poor people were also deprived of their voices due to their harsh economic environment.

"We have to make sure that they have a voice and they are empowered politically, socially and economically, "she added.

She said poor people have inadequate nutrition, high risk of diseases, and lack to access to healthcare and essentials of living resulting in low achievements.

However she said the poor should not be regarded as a project to help but as people who need moral support and to be given opportunities to improve their conditions to overcome barriers they face day by day.

Source: Botswana Daily News

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