Botswana: Association Remembers Cancer Victims

| February 9, 2016

Gaborone - Pediatric Hematology Oncology director at Princess Marina, Dr Alan Anderson, says honouring cancer patients, survivors, caretakers and health practitioners remains top of their agenda.

Speaking at the World Cancer Day commemoration hosted by the Cancer Association Botswana (CAB) recently, Dr Anderson said more than 80 per cent of the cancer was diagnosed in developing countries and yet survival lagged significantly behind in the more developed parts of the world.

CAB held a special walk around its situated area and also a candlelight evening in commemoration of the day, which he said symbolised teamwork as per the slogan, "We can, I can."

He said it took groups to come together to push health ministries to realise such and recognise their plea, hence need for all to come together in fighting cancer.

"Our goal over the coming years is to spread the word in Botswana that children who have cancer are different from adults who had cancer," he noted.

He indicated that his occupation was to represent, support and cure children who were going through treatment, caregivers, family, neighbours as well as the Journey of Hope community.

"We are seeing cancer occurrence decreasing among children and also an improvement in survey. I can say that we have survivors since we started 10 years ago, where almost 120 out of 200 have recovered and have gone back to school, work and trying to get on with their lives," he said.Further, Dr Anderson appealed to all to donate blood because its shortage was among challenges in treatment of cancer.

Meanwhile, sharing her experience, one of cancer survivors, Ms Onneetse Isaiah said her leg was amputated at the age of 10.

Ms Isaiah described her cancer treatment journey as difficult, but was made easy by the support she received from her family.

Source: BOPA

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