Botswana: Batshu Advises Youth

| June 22, 2016

The Minister of Labour and Home Affairs Mr Edwin Batshu has implored the youth to be responsible and be accountable for their actions.

Mr Batshu was speaking during the Spiritual Healing Church Youth Conference in Mahalapye recently.

He said the youth carried with them responsibilities and accountabilities, and as such they should be fruitful and be torch-bearers for the church as they were the life and mission of their church and the community they lived in.

He advised them that every right came with a responsibility, therefore, as the youth they should fuel the church and propel it to achieve a lot through their innovative ideas, fund-raising, evangelism and general upkeep of the church among other things.

He said they were not only the future but God's gift to the church and society, adding that moral decay had taken its toll in the society.

Mr Batshu said this was evident in the excessive alcohol consumption, rape, drugs, domestic violence and other social ills of which some youth were part.

He appealed to the religious community to assist in tackling societal moral decay as they were the van guard of peace and justice in the society.

He said this would be a good contribution to building the moral fibre of the society, adding that it was a given that religious organisations should lead by example and that religious leadership should therefore be phenomenal, uptight, diligent and God fearing with well settled integrity and above reproach behaviour in their work.

The minister said the church should join forces with the government to bring good moral values to the society.

Therefore, he appealed to the youth to brainstorm and illuminate a way of evangelism for young people with regard to moral values to save the youth who were now "threatened, distressed and perplexed with so many economic and social challenges."

He said the church had achieved a lot in youth development, and this has to motivate them to continue the commitment to the youth development and empowerment as indicated by various programmes in place targeting the youth.

Mr Batshu said the government recognised the existence of a church, since also the constitution guarantees the right to worship, adding that government promulgated the Societies Act to facilitate the enjoyment of these fundamental rights.

He said his ministry recognised the role played by the church in fostering development and citizen empowerment through capacity building, and this was shown by pastors who were well trained in their jobs, some church leaders trained in marriage officers, some as mediators resolving conflicts while some had become counsellors .

He noted that his ministry also encouraged these efforts and such they had sponsored some of training sessions such as workshops, and also the government continued to value the role of the church in the society and had seen the good works that the church had done in the lives of the people and the country.

He said Spiritual Healing Church had also responded positively to the Presidential Housing Appeal and had handed over to the government three houses in Bobonong, Maun and Sefhophe .

Mr Batshu applauded them for this marvellous job, and assured them that government intended to nurture and strengthen their partnership in achieving Vision 2016 goals as well as the delivery of the National Development Plan 10 goals and beyond.

Source: Botswana Daily News

Category: Governance

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