Botswana: Batshu Decries State of Cleanliness At Ramokgwebana

| April 25, 2016

The Minister of Labour and Home Affairs, Mr Edwin Batshu, has expressed displeasure at the poor state of cleanliness at the Ramokgwebana border post.

During a visit on April 21, Minister Batshu said he recently received a complaint that the level of filth there warranted the closure of the border post. He said according to reports, the problem was a result of the persistent shortage of water in Jackalas 1 where the border post is located.

Mr Batshu, who is also MP for Nkange, noted that there was urgent need for a speedy but lasting solution as the problem could not be allowed to go on unchecked as it had the potential to tarnish the image of the country.

He observed that with ports of entry being visitors' first contact points with the country, it was crucial that all measures be put into place to help protect the country's image.

After a brief tour of the border post, Minister Batshu said it was disheartening that as a result of the water shortage, people ended up relieving themselves just anywhere within the premises as they could not use ablution facilities.

This, he said, made the place an eyesore. He called on senior officials at the border post as well as key stakeholders such as the Water Utilities Corporation (WUC) to devise strategies to swiftly address the problem.

He then assigned WUC to identify, equip and put back into use boreholes at the Ramokgwebana border post that were reported to have previously been owned by the Botswana Unified Revenue Services (BURS).

The minister also directed the director of Immigration and Citizenship to ensure that the border post' premises had been cleared by end of next week as over-grown grass also worsened the situation of people relieving themselves anywhere.

As for the report by Masunga-based WUC general manager that the corporation was awaiting funding to upgrade the water supply network in the area, Mr Batshu indicated that he would follow the matter up with the relevant ministry.

WUC general manager Mr Abednego Mooka had earlier blamed the corporation's failure to efficiently supply Ramokgwebana border post on the poor water pressure from Ntimbale dam.

He had noted that a design to upgrade the water supply infrastructure so as to improve water supply was completed in 2014 and that they had since then been awaiting funding from government to proceed with the upgrade which was expected to cost P200 million. Mr Mooka said the quickest solution at the moment would be to increase the number of bowsers.

SOURCE: Botswana Daily News

Category: Human Rights

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