Botswana: Batswana Deserve to Celebrate


Government departments and Lobatse community led by the Botswana Geoscience Institute (BGI), Water Utilities Corporation and Botswana Power Corporation celebrated one of the country’s Vision 2016 pillar of ‘A prosperous, productive and Innovative Nation.

Speaking during the celebration, Botswana Geoscience Institution chief executive officer Mr Tiyapo Ngwisanyi said every motswana had the responsibility of contributing to the achievement of Vision 2016 pillars as they were celebrated monthly across the spectrum.

He said the celebrations marked a milestone of how Botswana had worked hard towards economic sustainability.

“Botswana by the end of the year will not only have proved to be a productive and innovative nation but to have diversified its economy by a great deal,” he said.

Mr Ngwisanyi said Botswana had a hard working and disciplined people with a diverse economy proven by the booming agricultural industry and mining which were vital components of economic activity.

He said Batswana were now aware of their environment as part of their income generating contribution, adding that as the country begins to be at par with developed nations, Batswana must find it important to care for their environment.

“Our environment is part of our heritage and more so what keeps us growing as a people. We should now consider using greener methods such as solar energy as substitute to our everyday demands of energy use,” he said.

For his part, BGI’s principal economic geologist, Mr Nggie Wantlo said economic sustainability was key to the vision 2016 pillar even though there had been an over exploitation of natural resources in the process of development.

He said even though this had also proven problematic to the eco

Source : BOPA