Botswana: BMC Chief to Visit Zone Seven Farmers

| February 15, 2016

By Segametsi Kebonang

Lobatse - The Botswana Meat Commission (BMC) has moved to address some issues that farmers in Bobirwa and Tswapong complain about.

The BMC chief executive officer, Mr Akolang Tombale, and his management team will from February 16-19 take to the Bobirwa and Tswapong areas to address farmers.

In an interview, BMC's communications and public relations officer, Mr Brian Dioka, said the visit came after the organisation resolved to make a move to assist farmers selling their cattle to the Francistown and Lobatse abattoirs for other markets apart from the European Union markets.

Mr Dioka said the Bobirwa and Tswapong areas, which was known as the Zone 7, had been categorised as a red zone due to its high exposure to contamination as cattle were exposed to Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD).

He said the contamination mostly come from the area's proximity to Zimbabwe whose cattle were infected by FMD.

He said in responding to the farmer's cry of BMC's low prices, the corporation made a move to assist these famers to be able to realise benefits from their businesses.

He said the BMC had since influenced and adjusted cattle prices of other markets effective from February 1 from P19.50 to P23.00 per kilogram for cattle sold to the Francistown and Lobatse abattoirs for other markets.

Mr Dioka indicated that the price adjustments affected cattle weighing 180 kilograms and above.

He said he was hopeful that cattle owners from especially the red zones who were largely selling to abattoirs for other markets will at a large scale benefit from this price adjustment.

Further, he highlighted that it was important for all cattle buying businesses for slaughter to comply with government policy which instructs them to withhold four per cent tax from their prices.

He said it had come to the organisation's realisation that some markets did not withhold the four per cent tax from cattle owners adding that, that was not supposed to be as the non-withholding of the tax from cattle owners was an offence.

Source: BOPA


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