Botswana: Border Post Eases Movement Between Botswana, Zimbabwe

| June 28, 2016

The long awaited Mabolwe Border Post was opened in June this year.

Addressing a kgotla meeting in Mabolwe recently, Bobonong MP, Mr Shaw Kgathi, said the constituents had been demanding the opening of the border post to ease movement of people between Botswana and Zimbabwe.

He said the border had been a thorny issue in Mabolwe, Semolale and Gobojango.

Mr Kgathi, also Minister of Defence, Justice and Security, said the only concern about the border was the operating time, which he said, was still under observation to monitor movement of people.

He said the number of people using the border was satisfactory and that from June 1 to date, a total of 1 122 used the facility.

Mr Kgathi stated that he would continue to represent the constituency and advocate for developments.

He said since the border was opened, no cases of cross border crime were reported and thanked the Special Support Group (SSG), Botswana Defence Force and cluster police as well as government employees for reducing crime.

Absence of the border in the past years, he said, created problems where livestock was crossed into Zimbabwe by some criminals. It had also cut the long distance people travelled to other entry points.

Mr Kgathi thanked governments of Botswana and Zimbabwe for working together to open the border and showered accolades to the Minister of Labour and Home Affairs, Mr Edwin Batshu and his counterpart in Zimbabwe, Mr Chombo for working tirelessly to ensure that the border became operational.

The border, he said, would change people's lives in a good way and encouraged them set up business that would enhance trade and sustainability of businesses in the area.

The MP stated that he was optimistic that the road leading to the border and the drift across the river would be attended to.

Concerning crime in the area, he stated that statistics had gone down and that cluster policing was fully operational. He said expansion of the police station in Semolale was at the adjudication stage.

The MP stated that Bobonong constituency would benefit a lot from the Economic Stimulus Programme adding that Mabolwe village had been catered for.

Earlier, Kgosi Join Ngala raised a concern regarding hours of operation of the border saying it opens at 0730 and closes at 430pm, calling for increased hours. Kgosi Ngala stated that Botswana Unified Revenue Services must start collecting customs duty at the border and that there must be toll gates in some roads to generate revenue.

Village Development Committee chairperson, Mr Sethudi Madiope applauded Mr Kgathi that since he become the Minister of Defence, Justice and Security crime in the area had reduced drastically.

He stated that since the presence of the SSG and BDF along the border, cross border crime had gone down.

Source: Botswana Daily News

Category: Governance

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