Botswana: Brigades Expose Learners Talent

| July 14, 2016

Athletes have been urged to take sports seriously and unearth their talents and earn a living out of it.

Speaking during the official opening of the Botswana Brigades Sports Association (BOBSA) ball sports national finals, the Francistown College of Technical and Vocational Education School head, Mr Asalepele Tobedza encouraged athletes to take sports seriously and give the competitions their best shot.

He said athletes should focus on working hard and nurturing their talent as they do not know what the future has in store for them especially that the nation is faced with unemployment amongst the youth.

He added that the competitions also will allow them to network as they were from different brigades, they should use the opportunity to share life skills and other issues to their own benefit.

Furthermore, he said athletes should embrace the competition and those who win and join the national team should work hard to raise the national flag high outside the country and those who will not perform well should not be discouraged rather continue working hard to achieve their dreams.

BOBSA secretary general Tefo Keaja said the two days ball sports competitions included all the athletes and teams which made it at the zone level on the sporting codes of football, volleyball, netball, chess, table tennis and badminton.

He said the participation of students is overwhelming as the number of participant grow every year and they improve their performances every year.

He added that they encourage those who still drag their feet to join sports and nurture their talent to wake up to achieve their dreams saying that sports does not only help one to be physically fit, it also helps them to have high self esteem.

"Students who have high self esteem are able to succeed faster in the professional world when they finish school because they believe in themselves and have better self development such as discipline, which is highly recommended," he said.

Keaja said all athletes are the brigades' students from the four regions; South South, South Central, North North and North Central and winners will be awarded trophies and medals.

Source: Botswana Daily News

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