Botswana: Cases of Parents Vengence Worry Police

| February 15, 2016

By Yolanda Nkonjera

Kazungula - Kazungula Station Commander, Superintendent Vusimusi Jorowe has rebuked the tendency of parents from the village, who take matters into their own hands whenever their children are assaulted or harmed by others whilst at school.

Speaking during an interview with BOPA recently, Superintendent Jorowe mentioned that he had recently received two cases that involved parents walking to Kazungula Primary School and taking matters into their own hands after their children had reported another one for harming them.

"On February 9, a mother to one of the pupils at the primary school walked in and assaulted another pupil after she received a report from her child," he explained.

He said it was absurd to realise that the parent had not taken the matter to the head teacher or the guidance and counselling teacher to be resolved.

Superintendent Jorowe said the mentioned case is currently under investigation and in another case, one parent stormed into the school to physically assault another pupil with a stone two weeks back, following reports that her own child had been subjected to the same assault. The said parent was found guilty and sentenced to two months in jail.

Source: BOPA

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