Botswana: Employees Support Critical to ESP Success – Coordinator

| June 30, 2016

Government employees regardless of their positions should support implementation of the Economic Stimulus Programme (ESP).

The ESP coordinator Ms Goitsemang Morekisi conveyed this when addressing public officers in Ramotswa recently.

"Every government employee, do not say you are not part of ESP, it is your programme too," explained Ms Morekisi.

She said government had already spent over P2.4 million on ESP projects and more funding iwa still needed.

Ms Morekisi asked public service employees to ensure that government go value for the money spent on the programme.

She said the programme was created to stimulate the economy, diversify the economy and accelerate job creation.

Therefore, he said the government expected Batswana to benefit from the programme as projects had been reserved for local contractors.

He said ESP projects had been spread across the country and they had been unbundled to allow majority of residents to benefit.

Although the projects were unbundled, government did not disregard competitiveness, professionalism and quality, she said. Ms Morekisi added that ESP projects targeted areas such as agricultural production, tourism development, building, construction and economic diversification drive.

She said it was the position of government to have goods and services sought outside the country only if they were not available locally.

"When you are buying from outside, you are actually posting jobs away, "said the ESP roject coordinator.

She pointed out that supporting local goods and services would ensure that local industries grew and more opportunities were created.

Earlier, South East District Commissioner Mr Ian Tema told fellow public officers that ESP was a project for all public officers and they had a role in its implementation.

Mr Tema encouraged public officers to be watchdogs for the programme and report whatsoever seemed incorrect under the programme.

He said this would lead to prompt correction of deviation from ESP mandate and purpose hence saving the tax payer's money.

Source: Botswana Daily News

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