Botswana: Expo to Reflect Women’s Journey

| June 21, 2016

Ministry of Labour and Home Affairs' 17th National Women Exposition will reflect on the journey of women in business since 1966.

The exposition will start on June 27 under the theme: Women Entrepreneurs at 50, Re Gatetse Pele.

The ministry's permanent secretary, Ms Pearl Ramokoka, said during a recent press briefing in Gaborone that the exposition recognised the significant contribution women made in development of the country particularly in business for the past 50 years.

Ms Ramokoka stated that it was critical to also notice the strides women and girls went through to fight poverty and become economically independent.

She said to ensure women became active in the business sector, they emphasised more on gender equality.

"Gender equality is a global priority that empowers women," she said.

She noted that women development to gender and development was not recognised.

She said after realisation that women were excluded from the market sphere and had limited access to resources this called forth legislative to limit discrimination and promote education and employment.

"To protect women and assist them participate in business government revived some acts that violated women and girls from growing," she said.

Ms Ramokoka said that Botswana recognized that societies that were discriminated by gender experienced rapid economic growth and poverty than societies with equal treatment of men and women.

She however, appreciated the men for also putting a hand in helping empower women in business sector.

She said funding for women start up income has grown from 2 million Pula in the 90s to about 30 million Pula in 2016.

In the last financial year, she said, a total of 155 business proposals were approved at a total of 31 million pula benefiting 611 individuals. She said those individuals remained employees of their own businesses thus has improved development of women in business sector.

The Permanent secretary said they would continue promoting women economic rights by supporting women entrepreneurs accessing markets which is evidenced by the growth of NWE that started only with 70 exhibitors in 1999 to the current 350 exhibitors.

She also launched the Women's Business Directory that would assist facilitate the implementation of government initiatives such as the Economic Stimulus Programme (ESP).

The managing director (MD) of Glam Collections, Ms Tecla Mokoni encouraged women to attend and showcase their products and services at the exposition.

She said they would have the opportunity to look back to the journey they have taken in their businesses.

Source: Botswana Daily News

Category: Human Rights

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