Botswana: Festival of Chariots Debuts Tomorrow

| June 3, 2016

As one of the initiatives to the buildup to Botswana's 50th anniversary, Moselewapula Ward Development Committee (MWDC) will host a festival of chariots on June 4.

A press release from International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) Botswana says the festival will feature a number of activities that will start at 2:30pm, opposite Baobab primary school in Gaborone.

The Chariots will cover a distance of 2.2 km in approximately 2 hours, with watering-point stops.

Participants who will be from different organisations will dazzle the audience with live music and dance. There will be a parade that will start and culminate at the ISKCON centre where participants will pull a 6.6 to 7 metre high chariot while singers and dancers will lead the parade.

The release says there will also be a feast and cultural music performance and drama will follow in the evening.

The purpose of the event is to bring the community together "in a very light and good mood to have fun and witness how chariots operated in ancient years."

ISKCON is one of the non-profitable organisations which came on board with MWDC to ensure that the event is successfully made to up the mood of Batswana towards the independence. This year also marks ISKCON 50th anniversary hence they are aware of the significance of this day to Batswana and strive to make it remarkable.

Source: Botswana Daily News

Category: Human Rights

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