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Botswana: Gaborone Schools Performance Fluctuate

Public primary schools in Gaborone have experienced fluctuations in performance, but none of them have dropped below the 50 perc ent pass mark.

Assistant Minister of Education and Skills Development, Mr Moiseraele Goya, revealed this to Parliament recently, explaining that factors such as the caliber of pupils, movement of staff and level of parental involvement in children’s education were responsible for those fluctuations.

He said measures had been put in place to support the continuous improvement of schools performances. “These measures include the intensification of supervision and monitoring of instructional delivery. There is weekly checking of students’ books and material given to students, lesson preparations, lesson observation and the marking of learners’ test papers by different teachers to ensure quality,” Mr Goya said.

Gaborone North MP, Mr Haskings Nkaigwa had asked the assistant ministers to explain what the ministry was doing to support primary schools that have been under performing for the past ten years in Gaborone. He also wanted to know reasons for the low performances.

Mr Goya further explained that the schools also use team teachings, standardization of marking keys, analysis of all monthly tests, and remediation as a way of improving performance.

“There are rewards for both teachers and students who do well in the form of appreciation letters and prize giving,” he said.

He said parents are also critical and are expected to check home works, visit schools and attend Parents and Teachers Association meetings.

Source: Botswana Daily News.