Botswana: Govt to Hire Foreigners On Seasonal Basis

| April 25, 2016

Francistown - The Minister of Labour and Home and Affairs, Mr Edwin Batshu, has informed residents of Ditladi and Shashe Bridge in the Tati East constituency that government has introduced a dispensation of employing foreign nationals on a seasonal basis.

Addressing residents on Thursday, Mr Batshu said the decision was triggered by the public outcry that work permits were expensive though sometimes labour was only needed for a short period such as during the ploughing and harvesting season.

He told the residents that the fee for the seasonal permit was P500 for a period of six months and encouraged them to utilise the dispensation in order to increase farming and produce more food in the country.

The minister discouraged the residents from employing and harbouring illegal immigrants.

On other things, Mr Batshu said registration of births helped in planning for developments such as construction of schools and therefore all births should be registered within 60 days and failure to do so could attract penalties.

The minister further said all deaths should be registered within 30 days and parents should make sure that all children attaining the age of 16 years applied for Omang before 30 days elapsed.

He implored the residents to safe guard their passports, adding that those who lose them would be expected to pay a P1 000 fine before applying for new ones.

In Shashe Bridge, Kgosi Abram Kgaje applauded immigration officials from Masunga for always updating the residents of any changes that affect them.

In Ditladi, Ms Othusitse Khudu complained that her child had been unable to apply for Omang for a long time due to lack of photo film.

She lamented that she was advised to bring photographs but the same officers rejected them after she paid for them to be taken.

Mr Reuben Benjamin complained that the Labour office did not assist him satisfactorily after his former employer refused to pay him.

In response, the Assistant Director of Civil and National Registration, Ms Ofentse Gojamang indicated that the Omang offices have been without photo film for some time.

The Minister lashed out at the officers for taking such a long time without resolving the problem and apologised to all the residents who were affected.

He further promised that he will make sure the officers avail the photo film as soon as possible in order for them to be assisted accordingly.

Mr Batshu instructed the Labour officers to attend to Mr Benjamin's query and also give his office feedback.

SOURCE: Botswana Daily News

Category: Governance

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