Botswana: Hail, Winds Storm Hits Mabeleapodi

| February 8, 2016

Mabeleapodi - Hail and winds storm which swept Mabeleapodi village in the early hours of Friday (January 5) injured one and left some homeless.

On Friday morning, the sheets of roofing material from damaged houses were all over the village and the electricity lines were down, some affected by ripped off roofs while some by fallen trees.

There was totally no power supply of electricity at the village on Friday morning.

Chairperson of Serowe disaster management committee, Mr Onalenna Daniel told BOPA that the violent storm injured an old woman .

Mr Daniel said the woman who is recovering at Sekgoma Memorial Hospital sustained back and hand injuries from the broken window.

He said though the committee rapid assessment, 66 households were affected and they have already assisted eight families that did not have alternative accommodation with provision of tents and foods.

He noted that the statistics may rise as they are still working tirelessly with assessment and have requested department of Social and community development to assist them.

Mr Daniel said that the technical services in the ministry of education and skills development were busy at Patikwane Junior School trying to restore power supply in the hostel as power lines were brought down by fallen trees.

Ms Lebonye Kadise, a member from the family of the injured old woman, confirmed that her mother was injured by broken window and one of their rooms roof's were down.

One Mr Rebeemang Oletile said it started as hail storm on Friday early morning, around past one, later hail stones broke the window and water and winds started gain access to the house and alternately their house roof were completely ripped off and the whole ceiling went down.

All property is damaged including the sowing machines that he said his wife is using to put the bread on the table.

Also, they were some clothing uniform orders that were also damaged.

One of the victims of the storm , Mr Shadreck Ontitileis still reeling with disbelief after the storm ripped the roofs of three houses in their yard.

Mr Ontitile said it started as hail storm and things turned nasty when strong winds started.

One Mr Gobonetswe Seetswane explained that after the hail stones broke his house windows the house was filled with water.

Seetswane said was forced to tie his three children with a blanket and put them on top of the table and stated wiping the water.

He also said the storm lead to power cut.

Seetswane said if the storm could have come during the day people could have been injured by the roof sheet.

"It is fortunate that the storm came at night when was no movement of people" he added.

Distribution senior technical officer for Botswana Power Corporation in Serowe,Mr Gabobene Lekalake said they have deployed two crews to restore electricity in the village caused by broken poles and lines cut by corrugated iron roofs during a hail storm that was accompanied by strong winds.

Mr Lekalake was hopeful that their main lines will be up as soon as possible and running and will later start working on Secondary lines.

"We hope by today part of the village would have power except areas where houses have been affected or where our lines are down." He said on Friday afternoon.

He explained that their protective devices acted to cut off the power during the broke down of poles and cutting of power lines by roof's sheets and that's the reason why no one was hurt by electricity.

Source: BOPA

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