Botswana: High Rate of Theft Concern Supporters

| February 16, 2016

By Kgomotso Rapoo

Lobatse - Football supporters in Lobatse who attend matches at the Lobatse Sports Complex, especially when the Lobatse based Extension Gunners football club host other teams have expressed concern at the high rate of theft and accidents that take place after these encounters.

In light of this, BOPA took to the Lobatse Police station to enquire as to what the police service is doing to curb these incidents.

Lobatse Police deputy station commander, Assistant Superintendent Benedict Matlho, confirmed the allegations.

He said cases that are reported to them are just incidents like car break-ins and minor accidents.

He added that people who mostly get involved in these accidents are those who often travel to Gaborone and surrounding areas after the games, and that they are caused by traffic congestion.

He said people tend to become impatient due to traffic congestion after the matches so they decide to take short cuts which lead them to getting involved in these minor accidents.

People have to learn to be patient especially when attending events of this magnitude ," the police chief said

Assistant Superintendent Matlho said police ensure that they monitor and control people so as to avoid such cases of ill behavior during matches.

Assistant Superintendent Matlho added that some police officers are always present at the stadium to control the traffic so as to avoid accidents.

He added that accidents that happen during such an event, normally occur outside the stadium premises where officers are not present.

He encouraged match spectators to cooperate when using roads during these times to avoid being on the wrong side of the law.

Despite the accidents that are happening, soccer matches are meant to bring people from across the country together as they come to show their support to their respective teams.

These events are always associated with mischievous behavior because people come to watch these matches with great excitement, and as much as they get excited, they end up being on the wrong side of he law.

Spectators get involved in accidents returning back to their homes and also lose their valuables during or after the event.

Source : BOPA


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