Botswana: Khama Meets Three Envoys

| February 29, 2016

By Jeremiah Sejabosigo

Gaborone - President Lt Gen. Dr Seretse Khama Ian Khama has accepted letters of credence from Croatia, South Korea and Venezuela ambassadors.

Mr Nenad Prelog of Croatia, Mr Yeon-Ho Choi of South Korea and Mr Juan Carlos Barrios Hurtado of Venezuela presented their credintials to President Khama at Office of the President in Gaborone yesterday (February 29).

Mr Prelog will be based in South Africa while Mr Hurtado will be based in Namibia.

Speaking briefly after their meetings with the President, the ambassadors said they aimed to strengthen the cordial relations between Botswana and their respective countries. They stated that their respective countries would continue to share ideas on development of various sectors of the economy.

Mr Hurtado said he wanted to continue his country's relations with Botswana in the education and mining sectors. "In education, we have a programme over the whole of Africa through which we are supporting more than 150 000 children.

This is a special programme because it goes to the needy population in poverty hit areas," said Mr Hurtado. He also stated that he would be looking to consolidate his country's relations with Botswana in development of the mining sector.

For his part, Mr Prelog stated that Croatia and Botswana had strong relations in the fields of education, health and tourism.

He said in terms of development of human resources, they had signed a number of agreements with Botswana in the field of education, one of them between the University of Botswana and a university in Croatia.

On tourism, he said Croatia had a burgeoning tourism sector and they would share ideas with Botswana on the development of tourism.

Mr Choi said South Korea was committed to working with Botswana in the development of the education sector.

He said, through one of the exchange agreements they had in place, his country would send 12 teachers to Botswana this year in elementary education, mathematics, science and information technology.

He said South Korea was also helping to establish an integrated IT sector in Botswana. Mr Choi praised Botswana's good governance and commitment to anti-corruption, saying Botswana was ahead of Korea in that area.

Source : BOPA

Category: Human Rights

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