Botswana: Knowledge Based Economy Sustainable Investment

| April 28, 2016

Ramotswa - For the country to realise meaningful development, it needs skilled personnel who can compete with the world's best, Assistant Minister of Education and Skills Development, Mr Fedelis Molao has said.

Addressing a kgotla meeting in Ramotswa on Wednesday, he said by educating children, the nation was building a strong foundation and as such parents' participation was key to success of education development.

He said by investing in educating its citizenry, government was diversifying from diamonds to knowledge based economy which can compete globally and as such parents as key stakeholders should accordingly take the role.

Mr Molao urged students to commit to their studies and quit things that could destroy their future, encouraged parents to promote a harmonious learning environment by building good relation with teachers.

Assistant minister expressed concern over periodic declining examination results over the years, the situation he said calls for self-introspection to find lasting solutions that could enable Botswana to accomplish its mission to become a regional Centre of excellence in education.

He cited alcoholism and substance abuse as the undoing part on the part of the children and called on parents befriends their children to be able to monitor change in their attitudes.

He said some students use daily pocket fares to purchase drugs, whilst some parents use children to sell drugs in schools.

Mr Molao said parents should make it a habit to visit schools and develop interests to assist children with school homework and not abdicate responsibility of educating to teachers or Parents Teachers' Associations.

He said in realising the importance of education government is revitalising and resourcing brigades to provide quality vocational training which will match industry demands and implored both learners and parents not to perceive vocation education as preserve for dull children, but must see it as a skill currently on demand.

He reported that to date about 11 200 have applied to enroll in the Target 20 000 programmes meant to up-skill/retool learners and that the ministry open again for the remaining over 8 000 training places.

SOURCE: Botswana Daily News

Category: Governance

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