Botswana: Letlole Pupils Get Khawa Invite

| April 25, 2016

Fikeng - President Lt Gen. Dr Seretse Khama Ian Khama has offered Letlole Primary School polka dance group free ticket to this year's Khawa Dune Challenge billed for May 5-8.

President Khama said the group would be flown to Khawa to watch their favourite groups performing. The invitation came about after President Khama watched the group perform at an evening meal session he was having with Fikeng residents on Friday.

The group grabbed the President's attention after he realised that they learnt all their dance moves from watching polka dance groups on television.

Meanwhile, President Khama told residents that he had decided to share a meal with them because he normally handed out gifts in villages and towns hence his decision to do the same for them. Kgosi States Letlole thanked President Khama for his visit before taking him through Fikeng history.

He explained that the settlement, which had existed for many years, bordered Ngwaketse, Kweneng and Gamalete tribal territories. Therefore, he appealed to President Khama that Fikeng residents be allocated plots.

Kgosi Letlole further requested for a standpipe saying the borehole that used to supply the Fikeng and Mogonye was no longer in use. He also requested for a health post and classrooms, adding pupils in the area travelled long distances to schools in nearby villages.

Responding to Kgosi Letlole's plea, President Khama said he would consult with the relevant authorities about developmental plans of the settlement and give feedback shortly.

Meanhile, President Khama gave Kgosi Letlole a camping chair, 10 solar lights, bibles and chairs. He also handed out blankets and food baskets to the needy as well as sweets to children.

SOURCE: Botswana Daily News

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