Botswana: Makgalemele Urges Trust, Cooperative to Set Aside Differences

| April 28, 2016

Sehithwa - Assistant Minister for Presidential Affairs and Public Administration, Mr Dikgang Makgalemele has implored the Lake Ngami Conservation Trust and the Lake Ngami Fishing Cooperative Society to work as a unit.

Mr Makgalemele said reports show that the two bodies were at loggerheads, yet they both promoted the development of their area through fishing

Mr Makgalemele urged the trust management as the umbrella mother to promote cooperation. He was speaking at a kgotla meeting he addressed in Sehithwa recently.

Furthermore, Mr Makgalemele said it has been established that fishing could be developed into a dynamic industry with various sections.

On a similar note, an aquaculture expert from the Office of the President, Mr Ghulum Kibria observed that fishing along Lake Ngami could be developed into an industry.

Mr Kibria noted that people surrounding Lake Ngami could establish a fishing plant, packaging, storage and fishing ponds which were some of the potential businesses in an area rich with fish like theirs.

The people, he said, could be segmented into those who fish while some could grow fish in fish ponds while some engage in fish net making and boat crafting.

Mr Kibria also noted that fish farming was a sustainable way of livelihoods than promoting catching fish only.

For his part, the Lake Ngami Conservation Trust chairperson, Mr Frisco Gabokakangwe asked the assistant minister to carry their plea for the Lake Ngami fishing suspension to be reversed during the current fishing season.

Mr Gabokakangwe, however, said the Lake Ngami Conservation Trust management has written to the Ministry of Environment, Wildlife and Tourism to request for a waiver on suspension.

Lake Ngami fishing has been extended until further notice when the Lake Ngami Conservation Trust was ready for operation. The trust has been delayed by the finalisation of the Environmental Management Plan (EMP ).

SOURCE: Botswana Daily News

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