Botswana: Measures in Place to Ensure Snack Is Safe


Gaborone – All precautionary measures are undertaken to ensure that the snack provided to Ipelegeng beneficiaries is handled and prepared under acceptable hygienic conditions, the assistant Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Ms Botlogile Tshireletso told Parliament on Wednesday.

Responding to a question from Gaborone North MP, Mr Haskins Nkaigwa, Ms Tshireletso said routine hygiene inspections were carried out by the Village/Ward Development Committees and Council officials periodically to assess hygienic conditions of both food handlers and conditions under which such food was prepared.

In future environmental health officers would be roped in for quality assurance purposes, adding that there were no plans however to offer monetary sustenance allowance as that “will negate the noble intention of promoting local management through engagement of a substantial number of additional beneficiaries, who otherwise benefit from spin offs of Ipelegeng programme at their respective localities as is currently the case.”

Mr Nkaigwa had asked whether any routine inspections were done by council to ensure good hygiene levels for those feeding Ipelegeng workers.

He also had wanted to know if there were plans by government to offer monetary subsistence allowances to allow beneficiaries to have freedom of choice.

Source: All Africa