Botswana: Moepeng Preaches Discipline

| July 26, 2016

Employees under the Ministry for Presidential Affairs and Public Administration, have been urged to be exemplary and display acceptable behaviour in the workplace.

The secretary for Presidential Affairs and Public Administration, Ms Kebonye Moepeng, made the plea when addressing staff under her ministry in Maun on July 21.

She said employees should understand that they represented Office of the President, hence they should always dress properly and put name tags.

"You are privileged to work under the Office of the President and you should be proud to be seen with a name tag which identifies you as a public servant. You are the image of the President, hence you should show respect that you serve the high office," she added.

Ms Moepeng encouraged employees to strive for excellence in delivering services to the public, adding that customer satisfaction should be order of the day.

She said they should serve customers with smile and also treat them equally. Employees were also advised to use the customer satisfaction forms that she said would assist them with feedback which will give opportunities for improvement.

She also emphasised the need for all the departments under her ministry to work as a team. She said they should join hands to drive and implement the mandate of the government of the day.

Ms Moepeng said each employee should assess his/her contribution towards the implementation of the mandate of government. She mention one of the mandate such as Poverty Eradication, noting that since their district is poverty stricken, they should be seen playing a pivotal role in eradicating poverty amongst their communities.

Employees were also urged to assist in delivering Daily News to places which are difficult to reach. The Secretary said it is their responsibility to ensure the communities have access to the paper that carries government programmes and policies which aimed to uplift their livelihood.

The departments which are undertaking some projects were advised to report progress to the District Commissioner.

Employees were also sensitised about Ten Point Agenda and the Public Service Charter which aims to provide a world class service that is efficient, effective, caring and responsive to local challenges.

Deputy permanent secretary, Corporate Services, Ms Boikhutso Botlhole described the Public Service Charter as a Bible for public servants, adding that it is meant to guide and direct them to the right things.

She urged public servants to adhere to high standard of diligence and efficiency at all times, noting that they must do their best to deal with complaints and concerns promptly and thoroughly.

She also urged officers to refrain from corruption practices, adding that their behavior should not be questionable or suspicious.

Ms Botlhole revealed that corruption manifest itself in many forms and it is difficult to eradicate it once it takes root.

The director of information services, Mr Bome Matshaba sensitised the employees about the ministry of State President Anti-Corruption Policy, which entailed the ministry's commitments, expectation on management, employees and its stakeholders.

The purpose of the policy was to establish minimum standards governing anti-corruption and ethical responsibilities of the employees and stakeholders.

Source: Botswana Daily News.


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