Botswana: Monggae Soldiers On

| April 28, 2016

Ramotswa - Katlego Monggae (20) has not allowed challenges to kill his dream.

The Ramotswa-born youngster said after failing at school, he could not just sit back and relax but decided to do something meaningful with his life.

Though he did not know how to fit the whole puzzle because of financial problems, he started recording a gospel album, entitled Ga a yo Mathata in 2013, which was financed by his family.

In 2014, he studied Events Artistic Management and was sponsored by Winners Chapel International Church after which he opened his own company: Young Star Dreamer.

Monggae said Young Star Dreamer was about grooming youngsters in order to keep them out of the streets.

He added that he realised that a lot of youths had talent, but had allowed alcohol and drugs to hold their lives captive thus letting go of their dream.

The youngster explained that life was about making the right choice in order to succeed.

"Young Star Dreamer will help keep youngsters like me off the street whether they made it academically or not this will help them manage their talent", he said.

Monggae says through his business he has been able to host talent shows with the help of fellow musicians Flexyville and Spiza to raise funds for Thuto Boswa Rehabilitation Centre, Boswelakgosi Junior School among others.lives.Source :

He noted that he would like to extend his gratitude to Kgosi Mosadi who helped finance his project and his parents for giving him courage and support.

He concluded that he has visited almost 30 schools, teaching and encouraging students to work hard and to focus on what was important in their

SOURCE: Botswana Daily News

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