Botswana: Morupisi Drums Up ESP Support

| April 4, 2016

By Thato Mosinyi

Hukuntsi - The Permanent Secretary to the President, Mr Carter Morupise has pleaded with civil servants to spearhead the implementation of the Economic Stimulas Programme.

Addressing civil servants in Hukuntsi Sub-district on Friday, Mr Morupisi explained that the programme was geared towards stimulating and diversifying the economy which would in the long run result in accelerated job creation and sustainable economic growth.

He said the programme was a bold blueprint for the urgent delivery of national priorities in keeping with the government's commitment to the nation to achieve accelerated job creation and the eradication of abject poverty along with improvements in the well-being of all Batswana. Mr Morupisi said through ESP, the government was aiming at starting most projects which were deferred during the past global economic meltdown. He said they would be added to projects that were being implemented this financial year.

He said even though ESP was private sector driven, civil servants as policy implementers on the ground were key stakeholders to coordinate how best the private sector could implement such projects.

He urged procuring officers to support both macro and micro citizen entrepreneurs by sourcing materials from local producers and suppliers to boost locally owned business entities.

He said the success of the ESP lies with good working relationships between civil service and the district authority, and that it was crucial that the civil service have a common ground with the local authority on project monitoring.

Furthermore, the director of the Directorate on Corruption and Economic Crime, Ms Rose Seretse pleaded with the civil service to be on the look-out and refrain from corruption during the awarding and implementation of ESP projects.

She challenged the civil service to exercise due diligence when awarding tenders and to certify that all Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Board (PPADB) requirements have been complied with during the tender awarding process .

Ms Seretse cautioned the civil service against involvement in corruption acts.

Source : Parliament

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