Botswana: Mosela Takes to Small Stock

| April 20, 2016

Jwaneng - A resident of Sese, Ms Mmamotse Mosela, never wanted to be left out of the poverty eradication programme. Despite her age, now 68, one would have expected her to have given up in life opportunities but that is not the case with this pensioner.

Despite her age, Ms Mosela did not hesitate to step into small stock farming in 2014. She said she chose small stock farming because goats were easy to care for especially by someone her age. She said she has not hired any workers hence she does everything for herself.

Ms Mosela is expecting more from her goats so as to put bread on the table. She said she was driven by passion to start farming. Armed with a background where agriculture buttered their daily bread, Ms Mosela said she knew that small stock farming will be a gateway to greener pastures in life.

"I am not a novice to the world of farming because I grew up in a family where our parents reared livestock," she said.Ms Mosela said she started small stock farming with a kraal behind her home two years back with only five goats but today she has eight goats. She said she was promised 15 more goats.

She said her stock produced three more kids, a situation which she is more grateful and hopeful with. As the world of farming is full of uncertainties, the Sese pensioner said she has not experienced any challenges, her livestock has not been attacked by predators nor attracted any diseases.

She said her aim is to sell to farmers funded by government through LIMID, Poverty Eradication Programme, young farmers as well as to individuals.

Furthermore she said government assistance has enabled her to lead a normal life as she has something to look up for and she encourages those who have benefited from the programme to work hard and those who are yet to join not to be ashamed to ask for assistance.

She commended the government for improving the lives of Batswana.

SOURCE: Botswana Daily News

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