Botswana: Motswarapoetry Boosts Young Artists

| April 5, 2016

By Kabo Keaketswe

Gaborone - Motswarapoetry sessions would give upcoming artists a platform to showcase their talent.

Thapong Visual Arts Centre would be the home of the monthly sessions.

Over the weekend, the centre turned from a place of artwork into a host of vibrant artists from hip hop, poetry and comedy.

The Saturday proved that such initiatives were long overdue, where young artists from various scopes came together under one day to show case their unknown talents to the public.

Meanwhile, the past weekend's Motswarapoetry session showed growth, as this time around, performances were filmed to be played on TV for Batswana to appreciate the hidden talent.

In an interview, the show organiser, Kenny Ketshotseng said the sessions were in their second year now and many upcoming artists had shown interest since inception.

Explaining the concept, Ketshotseng said Motswarapoetry was an abbreviation of motswako, rap and poetry.

He said the main objective of the sessions was to nurture and grow those artists that already had singles or had shown talent in singing and poetry but having nowhere to showcase that.

"We also decided that to further popularise these people, we should introduce a TV show where they can be seen by many people, and by so doing an artist can start be known and recognised," he said.

Nonetheless, since the sessions are all about art, on Saturday a painting was brought on stage for ten poets to recite a poem surrounding it, something Ketshotseng said was intended to check skills that poets possessed


Source : BOPA

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