Botswana Oil launch tip-off programme

Business & Finance

Botswana Oil launched a tip-off anonymous programme to fight corruption and other unethical conduct in an effort to improve its service.

Speaking at the launch, the acting director general of the Directorate on Corruption and Economic Crime (DCEC), Mr Gaofenngwe Wasetso said the tip-off programme was a critical component in any institutional anti-corruption framework.

He added that it sets the basis for a systematic structure from which a comprehensive ethics management strategy was implemented.

Mr Wasetso said Botswana Oil, which is charged with the mandate of ensuring prudent supply of oil resources, needs an ethical and corrupt free system.

“The launch of the tip-off anonymous programme is therefore a great milestone in the pursuit of Botswana Oil’s strategic pursuits, as it reflects concerted efforts in the fight against corruption and related crimes,” he said.

Through the anonymous tip-off programme, both employees and members of the public can report unethical conduct and fraudulent activities.

“An effective tip-off anonymous programme also has an inherent feature of protecting the identities of those who lodge complaints,” he said.

He said this would ensure that customer confidence was maintained, and that service delivery remains high and free from corruption and fraud.

Mr Wasetso said 40 per cent of fraud and corruption was detected from tip-offs, adding that 45 per cent of DCEC information was from anonymous sources.

He said the programme would promote a zero tolerance culture against corruption, as it sets procedures and protocols for reporting ethical breaches and corrupt behavior.

“It is in this regard that I commend you for starting the journey towards the fight in the right footing,” he said.

In his welcome remarks, Botswana Oil chief executive officer, Mr Willie Mokgatlhe said the programme was a unique and innovative business solution aimed at strengthening the ethics culture and combating fraud within his company.

“In addition to providing a fraud and ethics hotline for all stakeholders to anonymously report any dishonest, suspicious and inappropriate behaviour in the workplace, the service ensures that the whistleblower’s identity is protected,” he said.

Botswana Oil uses the Deloitte tip-off anonymous hotline which was introduced in 1999 and is used by more than 300 clients in Southern Africa and around the world.

Mr Mokgatlhe said the Deloitte tip-off contact centres were fully computerised with a focus on network security, which includes all standard best practices such as firewalls, access control and networking routing and switching secure settings.

“All contact centre agents are carefully selected and undergo truth verification testing as well as random lifestyle audits,” he said.