Botswana: Omang Key to Access Government Programmes

| April 28, 2016

Mokubilo - Minister of Labour and Home Affairs, Mr Edwin Batshu, has advised residents of Makgaba settlement to register for identity cards in order to enjoy government programmes.

Mr Batshu was speaking during a visit to the area to address issues related to his ministry.

He said the national registration act allowed every person to apply for an identity card within 30 days of turning 16 years.

"An omang card will help you to access programmes such as Ipelegeng, youth fund and the old age pension," Mr Batshu said.

He also told the attendants to register for birth certificates, which was done before the second month after the child's birth and the death certificate that was done within 30 days of a person's death.

Failure to register for births and deaths, Mr Batshu said, had a negative impact on the country's economy.

He added that registering births on one hand helps the government with the national development plan and to plan for the child's future in terms of education and health.

"Failure to register births and deaths is a crime punishable by law but it seems most people are unaware of it," he said.

Another speaker at the meeting, Kgosi Badiseng Resetse of Mokubilo/Mmeya/Makgaba raised a concern that most of the residents especially the elderly people did not have identity cards and did not get the pension money, he said that the majority of these people are illiterate and do not know their birth dates.

He pleaded with the minister to bring the Ministry of Labour and Home Affairs services closer to Makgaba residents as they had to travel long distances and paid travel costs to access services in Letlhakane village.

Kgosi Resetse pointed out that most of the people in his settlement Source : work as herd man and in most cases are unfairly treated and dismissed by their employers who take advantage of their illiteracy.

Mr Gosetsemang pointed out that Makgaba is a settlement not a village, as such they do not benefit from Ipelegeng program as they are only used to top numbers of Mokubilo residents.

He pointed out that Programmes such as the Gender Program do not reach them and that herding livestock is the only source of employment available in the area.

Mr Batshu promised to bring back his officials for identity card registration and age assessment of those with wrong birth dates on their existing identity cards.

Makgaba settlement is situated along Orapa/ Francistown Road and a few kilometers away from Mokubilo village. According to Mr Gosetsemang, the settlement has about 590 residents.

SOURCE: Botswana Daily News

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