Botswana: P100 Million for Independence Celebrations

| June 3, 2016

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture, Kago Ramokate, says P29 million has already been spent from the BOT50 budget.

When he appeared before the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) on June 1, Ramokate stated that P100 million was allocated to the BOT50 office for independence preparations.

He highlighted that the remaining money would go to major contracts that included choreography and production for the independence celebrations.

Ramokate dismissed reports of corruption in the BOT50 office stating that there were neither instances of corruption nor misuse of funds.

MP for Tati East, Samson Guma asked the permanent secretary to breakdown the budget allocation for BOT50 and further probed the ministry if there were certain that the remaining P71 million would be used efficiently.

Guma urged the BOT50 office to be transparent and let go of all the secrecy surrounding the disbursement of funds adding that Batswana needed to know the projects and opportunities that might accrue from the BOT50 so that they could tap it

MP for Tati West, Biggie Butale, asked the PS to avail the BOT50 expenditure plan to the public so that they could appreciate how the funds were used.

Butale also wanted to know who decided on how and what the funds were spent and which events fell under the BOT50 celebrations.

BOT50 coordinator, Charity Kgotlafela, stated that part of the money that had already been spent was a P14 million tender awarded to a local production company for the production of the independence day celebration.

She said part of the remaining money would go towards the production on telling Botswana story through dance, theatre and arts to be staged on the independence eve.

Kgotlafela indicated that the other money had been allocated to the relocation of exit gate at the National Stadium so that it could accommodatea big float for the independence celebration.

The coordinator noted that the funds would also go towards the replacement of chairs at the stadium and cater for clothing and logistics for the over 4 000 children doing calisthenics.

She said the national football team, Zebras, will on independence day play against Nigeria.

Source: Botswana Daily News

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