Botswana: Ramotswa, Surrounding Has 120 Police Officers

| July 14, 2016

Ramotswa Police Station, combined with police posts in Taung, Mogobane and Mogonye, and a satellite post at Notwane, has a strength of 120 police officers, who are complemented by 61 special constables.

Answering a question in Parliament on Tuesday, The Minister of Defence, Justice and Security Mr Shaw Kgathi said although this may be perceived as not being enough, it is worth noting that there are serious manpower and financial constraints that present challenges in respect of policing countrywide.

He said the above mentioned constraints also affect the provision of accommodation for police officers in Ramotswa and other areas. However, he said in Ramotswa alternative accommodation is provided through rented properties from private sector, individual home owners and the Village Development Committees.

Furthermore, Mr Kgathi admitted that vehicles take long in repair workshops and garages resulting in shortage of transport in police stations.

To address the problem, he said, the Botswana Police Service held a number of meetings with dealers and accredited garage owners, with a view to encourage them to improve their service delivery within timelines as specified in the Government Purchase Orders and Service Level Agreements between BPS and respective garages and workshops.

He further said to improve on the turnaround time of vehicle servicing, the ministry is piloting in-house servicing of police vehicles by establishing workshops in selected policing areas around the country.

MP for Ramotswa Mr Samuel Rantuana had asked the minister if he was aware of the need for more police officers in Ramotswa and that there is acute shortage of accommodation for police officers as well as shortage of transport due longer period vehicles take at repair workshops.

Source: Botswana Daily News


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