Botswana: Rape Incidents Worry

| February 11, 2016

By Gomolemo Kwenaemang

Maun - North West Police District Administration Officer, Superintendent John Kelebeng has expressed concern over the escalation in rape cases in his policing district.

He said most cases involve women who were attacked at night on their way from night clubs and bars. He said the tendency of some women to walk alone at night from such establishments places them at risk of sexual asssault.

Supt Kelebeng said they were seeing a new trend whereby rapists in the district attack their victims at knife point.

He said from February 2 to 6, five cases of rape were reported.

He urged people, especially women, to refrain from walking alone at night. He said they should at least walk in pairs or groups so that they could help each other when they were attacked.

He further appealed to parents to control their children's movement and to know what they were doing at all times. He said rape could be overcome if the nation reclaimed the culture of discouraging the girl child and women from moving about at night.

Supt Kelebeng said the efforts of police alone could not win the fight, and urged the public to lend them a hand.

Source: BOPA

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