Botswana: Shah Confirms Lending Clubs Money

| April 1, 2016

By Anastacia Sibanda

Gaborone - Social media has, since the Easter weekend, been awash with talk that Township Rollers financier, Jagdish Shah, acted inappropriately by lending money to beMobile Premier League competitors, Sankoyo Bush Bucks, Motlakase Power Dynamos and Green Lovers.

Allegations were that he gave the clubs a total amount of P200 000.

Some pundits were of the view that it did not look right for money to be borrowed from someone in the same league whereas others said it was equivalent to match fixing.

However, Shah said in an interview that the teams approached him because they were in a financial crisis and the situation was worsened by the fact that teams had not been paid their monthly allowances.

"I received a letter of request from Motlakase, Green Lovers and Sankonyo, so I thought doing a letter of contract to individual teams is going to be a long process hence I approached the premier league to pay them so that they channel the money to the three clubs," he said.

Furthermore, he said because he had involved the premier league he wanted the agreement between him and the three clubs to be authentic hence he gave premier league a cheque amounting to P200 000 to give both Sankoyo and Green Lovers P50 000 each and Motlakase P100 000 as per their request.

Shah said he was just helping the clubs, considering how unpaid players could behave when they did not get their monthly salaries.

"I always help people with no malicious intent and have never approached these teams to offer them money instead they approached me to help them and I have all correspondences regarding this issue," he said

When quizzed as to why he involved premier league when dealing with the three clubs, Shah said during the last season he lent Letlapeng money, which was not paid.

He decried that some people did not look at the positive side of this matter, but were quick to judge and make their own conclusion.

According to Shah, when he gave the clubs the money, he had not even looked at the fixtures regarding Township Rollers' position, adding that immediately after helping them he received yet another letter of request for P100 000 from Miscellaneous, but did not act on the matter.

Meanwhile Botswana Premier League board has suspended the premier league chief executive officer, Bennett Mamelodi and his personal assistant, Mogolo Sekgwa. They have recalled BPL chairperson Walter Kgabung and his vice Solomon Mantswe, pending investigations.

Source: All Africa

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