Botswana: Slow Implementation Hurts Govt Efforts

| April 25, 2016

Ramotswa - The slow implementation of government projects is hurting efforts to uplift the livelihoods of benefaciaries.

"'Therefore, the Presidential Inspectorate Task Team (PITT) hopes to unlock some of the stumbling blocks to projects implementation through working with other stakeholders," the chairman of PITT, former vice president, Dr Ponatshego Kedikilwe, has said.

Dr Kedikilwe said this on Wednesday after touring Mogobane Irrigation Scheme that government funded to the tune of P10 million under the Rural Development Council.

He said the inspectorate would be working with project beneficiaries as well as other stakeholders including public officers to find challenges of implementing such projects.

Dr Kedikilwe added that there was general concensus that government had good programmes and policies yet lacked the drive of implementation.

He said the slow implementation was common in various projects such as Youth Development Fund, poverty eradication, government projects construction and economic diversification drive among others.

Nonetheless, the former vice president said there was need for beneficiaries to commit to projects in order to make them successful.

He said no matter how good projects could be if beneficiaries were not committed, their success would be doomed.

Before touring the Mogobane Irrigation Scheme, Dr Kedikilwe addressed the South East District leaders in Ramotswa, where Kgosi Mosadi said the backyard garden programme was underperforming due to shortage of water.

However, she opined that boreholes should be used to provide water to backyard garden beneficiaries.

Furthermore, Kgosi Mosadi said the village development committees, bogosi, council employees and other stakeholders should form a committee that would monitor and advise beneficiaries.

In addition, she said Balete appreciated government support on Mogobane Irrigation Scheme although the project was experiencing teething problems.

While the chairperson of the Gamalete Development Trust, Mr Lawrence Magosi said the process of reviving the project was on going.

He said they had already managed to plough tomatoes, green paper, lattuce, maize and butternuts adding that they will continue to improve to ensure that the project becomes a success.

SOURCE: Botswana Daily News

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