Botswana: Storytelling Meets Animation!


Theo Dithokwa, an Animator and filmmaker who graduated with a Media studies degree from the University of Botswana is ready to debut his Detective Patrick Moletsaphala animated film. The 22 years old who graduated last year says his love of creating things from scratch and technology is what makes him innovative.

He has been doing animation for over five years now and is glad to be realising this major project in due time. “This film will not be released how we normally release content though ,for the film is going to premiere at New Capitol Cinemas under the #HomeGrown Initiative by New Capitol Cinemas”, he gleamed as he explained. The idea was born around early 2019 and everything was put into motion beginning of the year 2020.

His love for storytelling complements that of animation. Dithokwa describes how he jumped at the opportunity to use those elements to rejuvenate the Animation industry in Botswana. This is his way of showing young people that Animation is an Art that is valuable and can create a lot of opportunities for young people.

When asked when the animated film will be in cinemas, he kept the suspense by suggesting we should wait and see. However he narrated that he has many animated projects that are on the way. “A lot of these already have pilot episodes that have passed the primary stages of development”, he said.

Dithokwa is however not alone in his animation dream but works with an animation colleague Boago Sephutho. Their relationship is now new as they have been writing scripts and designing characters for years since meeting in tertiary. He is also grateful for his partnership with Keno custom suits, Basadi Ba Tlhwatlhwa and New Capital cinemas.

Source: The Patriot.