Botswana: Task Team to Complete Mission in 12 Months

| April 28, 2016

Otse - The Presidential Inspectorate Task Team is hopeful of completing its task in 12 months' time and hand over a report to the President.

When addressing village elders and programme beneficiaries in Otse, South East District on April 28, former cabinet minister, Mr Jonnie Swartz who is also member of the task team said the report will among others unearth shortfalls in the implementation of government programmes and initiatives.

He said President Lt Gen. Dr Seretse Khama Ian Khama and the public were worried about the "good" programmes which were failing to have the intended impact.

Mr Swartz noted with concern that government was spending millions of pula in projects which continued to fail.

"Why are we not taking advantage of these existing programmes, why is it not happening, why are we not seeing the impact," he asked.

He added that programmes such as the Economic Diversification Drive, which promoted procurement of local goods, was not creating much impact yet the country continued to spend on goods from outside the country.

For instance, he said the country spent millions of pula on horticultural produce which could be grown locally.

In addition, Mr Swartz said poverty eradication programme could also be traced to years back, yet its impact was still lacking despite various efforts to invigorate the programme.

Hence he said the task force, which was chaired by former vice president Dr Ponatshego Kedikilwe would look into how systems could be improved to create projects implementation and impact.

During comments, beneficiaries gave different reasons to why their projects had not been fruitful.

One resident, Ms Kelebileone Tlhapi, a beneficiary of the poverty eradication programme said she was given 10 goats in 2011 and six of them were stolen while the remaining died.Another resident Ms Neo Mohaphi was funded by Youth Development Fund in 2014 to do tent hiring. She said the business was doing well and she could now support herself.

Earlier when welcoming the team to the village, Kgosi Mothusi Tsetse of Otse said some of the backyard garden projects had collapsed due to water shortage.

He further said some of the goats that beneficiaries got under the LIMID programme were not being taken care of as some were often left to roam in the village.

SOURCE: Botswana Daily News

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