Botswana: Thulie Releases Independence Song

| April 4, 2016

By Thuso Kgakatsi

Gaborone - Popular Musician Thulaganyo Gaerobale, known as Thulie, has released a song in celebration of the forth coming silver jubilee independence celebrations.

After a long break from the Industry, Thulie who became popular through her hit song Maphuthadichaba, made a spectacular performance at the launch of her single tracked album entitled Kwa Pele.

Thulie who seemed to be riding the waves with her current offering says her rich lyrics song is inspired by the leadership, success, and most of all the peace and harmony that continues to prosper in the country.

While the song tallies with the independence celebrations mood, it also rubberstamps her signature with her usual touch and taste of a typical afro pop fusion which gives it an appeal to both the young and old.

On the lyrics it says re lebile ko pele rona Batswana baga Seretse, ga re boele morago tlhe bona re a gola, which justifies Batswana as people who believe in going forward for growth and prosperity.

It continues to say, lefatshe le la rona le segofaditswe ka kagiso a re gatele pele re je boipuso jwa rona, which means our country has been blessed with the peace and tranquillity therefore it is only right that we go on and celebrate our independence.

Speaking duringthe launch, the secretary general of Botswana Music Union, Pagson Ntsie expressed his sincere gratification for the song adding that it has potential to reach greater heights.

He appealed to fellow musicians to follow suit and be professionals in their career, just like Thulie.

He said he was optimistic that after such a long time the music industry has been domant, now there was hope as evidenced by Thulie's come back. Bokhutlo

Source : All Africa

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