Botswana: Total Crop Failure Eminent

| February 24, 2016

By Keonee Kealeboga

Masunga - The chairperson of the North East District Council (NEDC), Ms Florah Mpetsane says there is a high likelihood of total crop failure in the district.

Addressing councillors at the start of a full council session, Ms Mpetsane said the dry spell that characterised the just-ended ploughing season has affected crops.

Ms Mpetsane, who is also the councillor for Matsiloje, noted that due to the possibility of low or even no yields at all, there was need for robust interventions to cushion residents from the looming drought situation.

She said it was important that communities be engaged and advised to make full and effective use of government economic empowerment programmes.

She also emphasised the need for all key stakeholders to strengthen information dissemination strategies in order to ensure that citizens were well informed on programmes, adding that it was crucial that other ways of making the programmes easily accessible be devised without delay.

Ma Mpetsane noted that of the 17 000 hectares of cultivatable land in the district, only 1 277 hectares had been measured compared to 9 417 hectares measured during the same period in the 2014/15 ploughing season.

She said records also showed that 439 farmers had ploughed compared to 2 936 in the previous season. On Ipelegeng, Ms Mpetsane said the programme continued to play a pivotal role in the livelihood of communities in the district.

She pointed out that the high demand for the programme was proof that people appreciated and recognised government's efforts aimed at cushioning them from poverty.

Ms Mpetsane stated that to date the programme had benefitted 15 524 people in the district, among which 3 335 were youth.

The chairperson further said through the sustenance component of the Ipelegeng programme, 75 caterers were engaged every month in the district.

On destitute housing, Ms Mpetsane said 23 out of 25 houses allocated for the financial year 2013/14 had been completed while the remaining two were both above 80 per cent complete.

Source: BOPA

Category: Human Rights

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