Botswana Upholds Democratic Ideals

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The Vice President, Mr Mokgweetsi Masisi, says Botswana is without doubt, a matured democracy that is pleased to be part of a working association of democratic parties in Africa.

Speaking at a two-day Democrat Union of Africa (DUA) annual conference held in Gaborone on November 29, Mr Masisi said Africa should prove to the rest of the world that democracy and good governance were also its peoples’ fervent wish and dream.

He noted that Botswana had just emerged from a highly competitive and energy-sapping political campaign and Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) managed to prevail albeit with a reduced margin.

In view of this, he said the conference would afford BDP an opportunity to reflect on the recent electoral performance with African political parties holding similar democratic values, cultures and beliefs.

Mr Masisi, who is also the Minister of Education and Skills Development, told attendants from 29 African states who represented their parties that BDP would be able to exchange views on matters of policy and regional interest that would help it as a party to rejuvenate and recreate itself so that it could win back some of its lost political fortunes and sustain or maintain electoral relevance to the people of Botswana.

“BDP needs friends like you around it as some of our valued party members are still recovering from their political setbacks and bad experiences We can only learn from our collective political experiences as African brothers and sisters, act together, establish contacts and speak with each other in one g resounding voice to promote democracy and good governance through our shared culture of personal liberty, human rights and equality of opportunity under the rule of law,” he said

Meanwhile the Minister of Trade and Industry, Mr Vincent Seretse, deliberated on the topic: Maximizing Regional and Global Trade Networks, which he said assised governments to promote economies of scale for industries.

He said it also maximised return on investment which in turn leads to vibrant, sustainable and diversified economy which stimulates investment both domestic and foreign direct

Minister Seretse said ideally, globalisation through the multi-lateral trading system should be more development-centred and foster regional integration resulting in cooperation initiatives that provide an enabling environment for growth and development.

He however regretted that despite protracted efforts regionally and globally, trade that supports inclusive and sustainable development remains elusive for many developing countries.

Minister Seretse therefore said enabling policies were of paramount importance particularly at a time when the world is confronted with yet another period of economic uncertainty.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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