Botswana: Welfare of PLWDs Government Priority

| February 25, 2016

By Keonee Kealeboga

Masunga - Protecting the welfare of People Living with Disabilities (PLWDs) is one of government's key priorities.

This was said by the Assistant Minister in the Ministry of State President Mr Dikgang Makgalemele when addressing a full council meeting of the North East District Council (NEDC) on Wednesday.

Mr Makgalemele said government's intention was to see PLWDs also enjoying the various programmes available to their counterparts not living with any form of disability.

Citing as an example measures adopted to make this possible, he said government has resolved to ensure that PLWDs were subjected to a less-rigorous assessment exercise when they wish to make use of the poverty eradication programme.

This view, he said was adopted with the intention to encourage and promote their uptake of this empowerment scheme.

The assistant minister also noted that government was aware that some deserving cases were for various reasons not included in the Disability Cash Benefit that is due to come into effect in April.

He implored the district leadership to bring forth such cases so that another round of assessments could be carried out to determine the eligibility of such PLWDs to benefit from the new initiative.

In an unrelated matter, Mr Makgalemele called on the leadership of the North East district to devise strategies aimed at improving the implementation of government programmes and projects.

He said government was concerned that Batswana were not putting some of the programmes to good use; hence the need for all stakeholders to work tirelessly to improve programme uptake as well as their success rate.

He observed that a higher uptake and success rate of projects would not only serve to help create the much-needed job opportunities, but would also ultimately add impetus to the effort to eradicate abject poverty among the populace.

Source : BOPA

Category: Governance

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