Bottlenecks Choke Businesses

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There is need to address various regulatory and administrative bottlenecks that make doing business in the country difficulty to pave way for meaningful partnership between government and the private sector.

Botswana Confederation of Commerce Industry and Manpower (BOCCIM) president, Mr Lekwalo Mosienyane made this call at the BOCCIM conference in Maun on November 24.

Mr Mosienyane said that could best serve the communities which helped sustain businesses. He also said a more rapid expansion of the private sector was essential to achieve the level of economic growth they aspire.

“We have seen that an export oriented economy as in the case of China has resulted in rapid and unparalleled reduction in poverty and a rapid rise in living standards.

In this regard, the model of an open export orientated economy with a flourishing private sector gives our country the best chance of increasing prosperity and living standards,” he added. Mr Mosienyane said BOCCIM recognises the important role that the private sector has to play for the sustainable development of the economy.

He said in pursuance of their mandate of aocacy and representation, BOCCIM has been at the forefront of ensuring that the various policies and regulatory reforms are carried out to give way to the private sector.

He also commended the government for giving his institution the space to aocate and for responding to many pleas, requests and recommendations for the success of the business.

Mr Mosienyane said BOCCIM engaged government in fruitful deliberations that gave birth to the Business and Economic Aisory Council (BEAC) which would develop strategies to accelerate the diversification of the economy and address job creation.

In addition, he said as a result, the government has elaborate structures to strengthen implementation of programmes and “we believe that the recommendations coming from this conference would continue to go a long way in making our country more competitive through the combined efforts of its private sector and government”.

BOCCIM president implored those tasked with orchestrating implementation to speed up delivery of programmes such as privatisation of some of major public enterprise, strategic infrastructure to facilitate connectedness within the country and the region.

Mr Mosienyane applauded the privatisation of Botswana Telecommunication Company Limited (BTCL) and appreciated the importance of ensuring that such public investment yields empowering returns for the citizens.

He also acknowledged the government for her swift response of setting up the Doing Business Committee to address concerns raised about impediments adding that such actions show a concern for the health and vitality of the private sector and would result in the needed convergence for competitiveness.

He said the ability to attract foreign direct investment was far still far from adequate and noted that Botswana could make a breakthrough in trade within Africa where she might stand a chance at getting onto the competitiveness trajectory.

Mr Mosienyane also pleaded with government to involve BOCCIM when there is engagement with African private sectors and commended the government for the recent Botswana-South Africa bi-national Commission initiative which he said it bodes well for intra Africa business.

He said that the majority of Batswana are very small businesses which while having tremendous potential for vitality do not have a voice.

He said it is the small businesses which would create sustainable employment and if adequately facilitated, would mature into sources of a desirable middle class and wealth creation.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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